Questions Which Might Affect Your 2011 Tax Bill

There may be a few moves we can make that can help your tax hit before we’re forced into “reaction mode” — which is the only mode out of which after-the-fact tax work can be done. So, if at all possible, I’d like to change that paradigm for you by having you answer a few short questions…

So, without further ado — some questions for you:

Have you had a significant change in your wage income this year?
Have you taken capital gains or losses this year? Are you planning to?
Did you start or sell a business this year?
Did you purchase real estate?
Did you make your full contributions to retirement accounts?
Have you considered a Roth IRA?
Did you withdraw from retirement accounts, and for what purpose?
Are there any other issues you think we should know about?

Now — the answers to these questions form the “tip of the iceberg”, and they will help us to know which direction to take as we work with you.

Posted on January 1, 2011
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