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At Nevada Retirement Planners, we offer a broad array of financial planning services that are custom tailored to help meet your financial goals.

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Active Investment Management [1]

  • Determine your short/long term financial goals and objectives
  • Review your current financial picture to determine if it is alignment with your goals and objectives
  • Gather and evaluate a multi-factor risk tolerance analysis
  • Research and design a personalized portfolio developed specifically for you
  • Actively monitor and manage your investments through a strict screening process
  • Frequently meet with you to review and evaluate your investment performance, update your financial objectives, and reallocate your portfolio

Social Security Income Planning

  • Determine your Social Security eligibility
  • Determine the optimal time to start receiving your individual Social Security benefit
  • Utilize “advanced planning strategies” to maximize Social Security income for you and your spouse
  • Weigh the benefits/drawbacks of drawing on other assets to delay collecting your Social Security benefit(s)
  • Review the impact of working while collecting your Social Security benefit(s)
  • Minimize taxes on your Social Security income
  • Assure maximum Social Security survivor benefits
  • Coordinate your Social Security income with the rest of your retirement plan

Retirement Income Planning

  • Analyze your income needs – now and for the future
  • Recommend appropriate distribution strategies for your employer retirement plans and IRAs
  • Continually develop additional strategies to help you maintain a comfortable standard of living

Estate Planning

  • Analyze your current estate plan and review your concerns
  • Provide assistance in transferring assets to your living trust
  • Review your beneficiary designations and asset titling
  • Assist with the appropriate and necessary steps in the event of the death of a loved on

In addition to these services, we are also able to assist in any of the following

  • Budgeting and cash flow planning for today, in retirement, or both
  • Risk assessment
  • Wealth transfer planning
  • Education saving/financing
  • Gifting strategies
  • Review/analysis of current life insurance policies [2]
  • Review of long-term care needs [2]
  • Insurance needs assessment and assistance purchasing [2]
  • Business succession planning
  • Consulting on other unique projects
  • [1] Fee-based investment advisory services are offered through Nevada Retirement Planners, LLC – an SEC registered investment advisory firm
  • [2] Insurance products and services are offered through Nevada Senior Advisors, LLC – an independent insurance brokerage firm
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